The Tritonus Venture is coming!

Hale Cooke is a bad man. And he has the technology of another world at his disposal to help him realize his sinister dream...

I just sent the drafted and revised manuscript to Beta Readers, and I should have those notes back by the end of July. Then more revisions and off to my capable new editor, Sean Keogh, for final tweaking before it goes out for publication!

To get a little taste of the evil doings happening at Tritonus Industries, check out the trailer below!

Hello Sci-Fi enthusiast!

I find an exhilarating kind of satisfaction when I am sitting at my desk, moving a plot forward or being surprised by something one of my characters does.

It is thrilling for me to see my heroes win the day or grow as people, and it hurts me when they are suffering. I laugh along with them when they are enjoying themselves, and I sometimes need to take a breather and pull myself together when their lives suck.

I love to see the villains getting their just desserts, and I am sometimes shocked at the terrible things they do. Those horrible actions and dastardly deeds came out of my imagination! How can I dream up such angry, atrocious, malevolent crap when I'm basically such a nice guy? Where does that come from? 

It is all very cathartic, though, and I can't see myself ending the pleasure-filled pain that I go through every time I sit at my desk to create written works any time soon. I have been infected by the writing bug and, so far as I can discern, there is no known cure. Oh, well. So be it.

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Hope to connect soon!

Daniel McMillan