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Hello Everyone!

I have discovered that I LOVE WRITINGI have a lot of creativity to dispel through the written word.

As much as I enjoy painting (see my paintings and other creative endeavors HERE), I find a completely different kind of satisfaction when I am sitting at my desk, moving a plot forward or being surprised by something one of my characters does.

There is an exciting interaction that goes on between an author and the characters and plots that come out of the writing process. Even though I have an outline that lays a basic template for the story I am creating, I still find myself amazed or annoyed with things my characters say and do. They take on a life of their own, and I just act as an intermediary between them and their outcomes.

It is thrilling for me to see my heroes win the day or grow as people, and it hurts me when they are suffering. I laugh along with them when they are enjoying themselves, and I sometimes need to take a breather and pull myself together when their lives suck.

I love to see the villains getting their just desserts, and I am sometimes shocked at the terrible things they do. Those horrible actions and dastardly deeds came out of my imagination! How can I dream up such angry, atrocious, malevolent crap when I'm basically such a nice guy? Where does that come from? 

The process is fun for me, and I derive great pleasure from seeing where things go in a story I am developing. When I am outlining a plot, it astonishes me that certain characters end up in certain places as a story reaches its climax and conclusion.

As I write out the individual scenes, I can be shocked at something one of them says, or have a strong emotional reaction to writing about their hardships and pain.

It is all very cathartic, though, and I can't see myself ending the pleasure-filled pain that I go through every time I sit at my desk to create written works any time soon.

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Be well.

Daniel McMillan


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